The Nom-Nom Machine

Company: Food Inc.


Do you ever get hungry when you are browsing your computer? I know I sure do, and I don't ever feel like getting up. Well today ladies and gentlemen, I have an answer to this problem, its called the nom-nom machine and they are going fast. I got the idea from 3-D printers that print out tools but the nom-nom machine is a printer that prints actual food. All you need is the nom-nom machine which you can buy at any office-depot. There, they will sale food packets for each food item that is hot that month such as fried chicken, hamburgers, fries. What ever you can think of, we have it. Putting in your fried chicken cartridge is easy. Its just like putting in an ink cartridge. As soon as your specialized printer has been connected to your computer, a new app will show up on your computer. Its called the mixer, this is where you can combine and make new ideas for a recipe book. You can even make new recipes without even having to use your kitchen, you can sit at your computer and make world renown recipes.



these two items have come together to make my product possible
  • the new app i created which is called the mixer
  • my specialized printer, the nom-nom machine

How will this product connect to the internet?

Well i have set up WiFi in the nom-nom machine just in case people aren't able to connect their printer to a computer. So then, the mixer app with appear on the touch screen of the printer.

Where do I see my product in a couple of years?

I hope in the next couple of years, that my nom-nom machine has evolved to smaller scales so then you can carry around technology that can create your food on the go.


I have created this by myself.