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Date of lesson:Grade you'll be teaching: 4th/5thWhat app will you be using: Minecraft -
Team Leader (s): Johnson G.
Team Members: Jonte, Hunter L. , Morgan B. , Johnson, Gage


Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today? Video:

( - Minecraft coding game.Who will welcome students: Hunter L.What will be the instructions: Follow directions at all times liten carefully.What will be on the board: Video & coding website.Who will be "running" the computer: Hunter L.What will be on the student computers: The Minecraft game on code.orgWill the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? No

During Class

- Explain how coding has become popular and how it is used in reality.
- Introduce and show the kids how to look up and search the website.
- Choose Minecraft game and explain how to play the game.- Tell the students how coding plays a big role in games that have and are being created.- After showing them how to play the game let a few of them come play Minecraft.- Explain how they can work with coding in the future by creating games or working for businesses that involve coding.- Ask them if they enjoyed the coding lesson and if they did explain to them how they can earn money by making games and work for a coding business.

Ending Class

Ask students what they learned and answer any questions the students might have about coding.

Additional Material


Additional Jobs

Gage M. will be our photographer ( 5 photos & email them to Mrs. Viki)

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?JUST A SMILE!
Reflection and Evaluation
The Hour of Code was used to teach children that it is not hard to code at all. As students, we learned that Minecraft was more difficult to code than angry birds. The younger students that we helped were very easy to help and teach. We had no problems helping them. As a team, our plan was completed.
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