Date of lesson: 12/09/2015Grade you'll be teaching: 2ndWhat app will you be using: Whichever one they decide. Website: Hour of Code
Team Leader (s): Mitt
Team Members: Kathryn, Savan, Mitt


We will be teaching the kids Hour of Code. It lets them code their own games. We will tell them how excited we are that they are here, and then we will start the lesson!

Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today?We will tell them that we are very excited to teach them. We will explain what coding is to them. After they are done with their Hour of Code, we will give them candy! We will play "We Are The Champions" at the end because they have successfully finished Hour of Code.Who will welcome students: KathrynWhat will be the instructions: We will show them all the games that they can code, and we will let them choose the one that they want to do.What will be on the board: We will have a big picture of the word welcome. Then, we will play the Hour of Code video.Who will be "running" the computer: MittWhat will be on the student computers: The Hour of Code website.Will the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? : They will be using their IDs, but if there are technical problems, we will use our IDs.

During Class

List what will be done in class -- list the approximate amount of time on each (if you know).1. Welcome-2 mins2. Show them all of the games that they can code-5 mins3. Hour of Code-35 mins4. Handouts and Certificate-5 mins5. Hand out candy-2 mins6. Tell them it was a delight to teach them as they leave-1 min

Ending Class

What time will you start wrapping up class?We will start wrapping up class 10 minutes before class ends, so we can pass out the candy and clean up.

Additional Material


Who will make your handouts: Kathryn and MittWhat will you hand the students to take home to their parents? We will send them a handout of a detailed explanation of what Hour of Code is.

Additional Jobs

Who will be your "photographer": Mitt Patel

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?Nothing.Reflection and EvaluationWe helped the second graders with the Hour of Code. We showed them a video about Hour of Code, and then they went to the computer they wanted to go to. They got to choose the game that they wanted to play (most people played Minecraft, and some played Frozen). We taught them how to use the blockly system, so they could make whatever that was needed to happen in the game happen. Whenever they would get stuck, we would help them by telling them to insert the correct blocks to make it work. We enjoyed teaching them very much, and I think they enjoyed having us. After they were done, we printed out their Hour of Code certificates, and then we handed them Jolly Ranchers to make them even more jolly. As they left, we handed them the handouts we made for their parents. They left in a happy mood!

In this picture, you can see Mitt with his 2nd grader.

Here you see Kathryn showing the kids one of the handouts they will be getting at the end of class.
Here you can see Kathryn with her kid for Hour of Code. He is mesmerized by the big screen, and in his hand you can see one of our handouts!
This is the group of second graders we taught.
Here you can see Mitt showing his kid the blockly system.