Date of lesson:Grade you'll be teaching:What app will you be using:Team Leader (s): Ford and BrentTeam Members: Ford,David,Brent,Tyler,Chandler


Introduction and HookWhat will be your "hook" for today?(We will wear sheets and have Light Sabers on our phones.)Who will welcome students: FordWhat will be the instructions: Gather around the board and then we will begin the lesson.What will be on the board: Star Wars theme and then the Code PageWho will be "running" the computer: BrentWhat will be on the student computers: The Code page so when we finish at he board the kids can get started.Will the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? Yes, with our id's if they do not have one.

During Class

Teach children how to code.

Ending Class

What time will you start wrapping up class?5 minutes before class ends

Additional Material


Who will make your handouts: Chandler and David
What will you hand the students to take home to their parents? The handouts that say what they need to do and how to play/go to the game at home.

Additional Jobs

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?
Reflection and Evaluation
We taught 2nd graders how to code a game on a computer. It took some time for them to get use to it but I think most of them understand how it works now. I do know that all of the kids enjoyed it. They didn’t realize that they were doing something that is very important for computers and games. Coding is portrayed as being very difficult but it really isn’t and is a lot of fun.