We will learn how RSS (really simple syndication) works by setting up RSS readers and following Olympic coverage.



#1 Setting up an iGoogle page (RSS Reader)

  1. Make sure you have a Google Account (If you have gmail, you should have one.)
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. We will create a start page using igoogle

Widgets to add

Day 2

#1 We will set up accounts on Jott and learn how to use it to add events to our Google Cal.

#2 Then, we will set up a Remember the Milk account and add it to our igoogle page, set it up to work with Jott, and add items to our list.

Grade taken on igoogle page:
Olympic widget, googlecal, school news; remember the milk widget required.

For the grade:

  • Mrs. Vicki will do a visual check -or-
  • You may print the page and turn it into the box
  • Due 8/12/2008


These vocabulary words should be added to your notes.
  • RSS (really simple syndication)
  • RSS reader
  • Widget
  • Web 2.0