This is where you will go to retrieve assignments, class notes, and where I will post information for you. You will also come here to find the wiki pages where you will post your assignment. THIS is your starting point.


Outline of Year

This outline will evolve - pages are added as assignments are given.

Computer Basics

Google Docs, Leadership and Project Organization, and Digital Citizenship Guidelines and Basics:

Wiki Basics

Web 2.0

Word Processing

Word Lesson A 2010

Word Lesson B - Editing Docs

Lesson B Wiki 2010-6 - Mary, Hayes, JT
Lesson B Wiki 2010-s -- Thomas, Tristan, Scott, Chase, Dylon

Word B Assignments:

Word Lesson C - Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Lesson C Wiki 2010-6 - Ralph, Alex B, Stephanie, Jamie
Lesson C Wiki 2010-2 - LT, Chason, Zachary, Hunter, Matthew

Word C Assignments

  • Unit Assignment
  • Skills Review (Word 69) -
  • Independent Challenge 2 - Word 73 -
  • Visual Workshop done in ThinkFree (Word 76)
  • Self Organizing Team Assignment: Wikipedia Simulation. You are to select your favorite word processing software that we have used. Pretend that you are editing the wikipedia page on that software (you may want to look at the real wikipedia page on the software for reference - BUT DO NOT COPY.) I should see multiple edits from each person. Each person on your team must select a different software program - first come first serve. The wiki pages are below.

Word Lesson D - Formatting Documents

Lesson D Wiki 2010-6 - Ivey, Susan, Laken
Lesson D Wiki 2010-2 - Becca, Kreslyn, Rachel, Jerilyn, Courtney

Word D Assignments

Leadership and Management

Group Team and Individual Assignment: Collaboration and Leadership -
  • Review the middle/ high school collaboration rubric.
  • Print and score yourself and how you've worked on these projects. Print and turn in.
  • Using Rubistar, work with your team to develop a better collaboration rubric. Post it to the wiki and describe how you've improved the rubric. (Each person should edit.)
  • Write a blog post on effective group collaboration. Post the link to the post on the webpage.

Time Management / Goal Setting / PowerPoint


Conducted offline using Excel and also online using Google Spreadsheets. Not published.

Website Design

2011 Website Design Project

Digital Citizenship

Digiteen 11-1 Wiki
Digiteen Ning