This is a listing of all of the notes and projects for this course.





Flat Classroom Project

October - December 2010
  1. Join the Flat Classroom Project Ning (Let Mrs. Davis know to approve you) Remember -- NO FULL NAMES!
  2. Join the Westwood Group on the Ning.
  3. Join the Flat Classroom Project Wiki for our Group (we're on 10b)
  4. Build your PLNDiigo Group - New!!!

  • Gesture Based, AR, and New Ways to Be Human - Using the information in our discussion, predict a way that technology will converge to use gestures or augmented reality. Using the examples from the convergence project. Show one slide with device(s) that are converging to create the new technology. Label Each Device. Name your new device. You may do this in Powerpoint and embed on slideshare OR you may take the photos and create an animoto video to embed on the page Chapter 1A A NewWay to Be Human Project
  • Blog Posts on Website about Augmented Reality Project
  • Review for 1A, 1B - Online Jeopardy
  • Test over 1A, 1B -
  • Retest over 1A, 1B


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