Please use the "Freshman Project" template when making your page. Add the name of your project after the link to your project page.


I will be assessing these based on several factors:
a) Did the students complete the work that they planned to complete in their project? (40 points)

b) Did the final product represent an excellent type of work for that particular type of technology? (10 points)

c) Is the final product as error free as possible? (Grammar, spelling for websites) (10 points)

d) The project wiki page with reflections upon learning and process (20 points)

e) Was it turned in on time (10 points)

f) Final project presentation (10 points)

g) Bonus of up to 5 points for students who demonstrate going over and above the initial objective of the project.

Presentation Requirements

Your presentation will be a 2 minute presentation about your project. You will explain the need for your project, how you met the need, how you overcame challenges, and what you learned from the project. Wow us! Use screenshots, if you’re showing your video, you may want to use the embed feature that is part of powerpoint and select part of a video. (You could edit small clips of all of your videos into one shorter video with highlights from each for showing in your presentation. If you have a video as part of your presentation you may take up to 3 minutes for your presentation with up to 1 minute of film and 2 minutes of talking.) Presentations cannot exceed 3 minutes.

The presentations will be recorded and you will edit them and put them on your wiki.

Student Project Gallery of Work

1st Period Computer Fundamentals

John B Project
Brandon B Project
Reid C Project
Ridge C Project
Merritt D Project
Garrett E Project
Daniel G Project
Johnny H Project
Kambry J Project
Asa N Project
Margaret O Project
Riya P Project
Brandon P Project
West R Project
Sage S Project
Morgan S Project
1st period test
Adam Project

6th Period Computer Fundamentals

Emory B Project
Lindsey B Project
Julia B Project
Ashley B Project
Tyler C Project
Kerrie D Project
Karly D Project
Liz D Project
Peyton H Project
Jacques I Project
James M Project
Alyssa M Project
Carrie N Project
Alexandra P Project
Elizabeth R Project
Braxton R Project
Meghan S Project
Destiny T Project
MAdison T Project
LT W Project
Mitch W Project
Chason W Project

6th period test