Power searching is a skill all students need. In this project, the students in this course are creating a wiki project site to explain searching and the advanced search features. This is going to require teamwork and discussion between the two classes as you will all be working on this project together. Make sure that you are added to the wiki on August 13 so that you can work on this project.

Project Wiki:

3rd Period
6th Period

In this project, we've talked about effective copyediting for the web, and learned how to write in a way to engage your audience, but there is more. After you search, you need to be able to evaluate your resources..

Evaluating Resources

After you search, you'll see that not all sites are of the same quality. Let's learn how to sort out the good from the not so good.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Find a free brainstorming tool that your class may use to brainstorm about what you look for in a good source of information. Work together and embed the brainstorming board below.

Brainstorming question: What do you look for in a valid, authoritative website?

3rd Period

What makes a valid, authoritative website?

6th period

Step 2:Evaluate

Using the websites below, evaluate the websites assigned to your team to determine if it should be a good source of information or not.
Use the evaluating online resources page in your Dropbox to do this. Prepare to share with the class by pulling the resource up on the board and discussing what you found.

The follow sites are recommended to illustrate the point that not all Web sites are good sources of information.

Step 3: Presentations

Report on your website and reach a conclusion about whether you would use the site to research.

Step 4: Blog

On the Ning, you should write a blog post answering the following questions. Tag it 9th_search

What is the difference between information found on the web versus in a reference library?
Which questions on the checklist are most important when making research decisions? Why?
How will using a checklist (like this) to evaluate sites make you a better researcher?