2012 Website Design efolio

2012 Website efolios

Links to student efolios

Students should link their names (below) to their weebly websites.

6th period

Emory B
Lindsey B
Julia B
Ashley B
Tyler C
Kerrie D
Karly D
Elizabeth D
Peyton H
Jacques I
James M
Alyssa M
Carrie N
Alex P
Elizabeth R
Braxton R.
Meghan S
Destiny T
Madison T
Mitch W
Chason W

1st period

John B
Brandon B
Reid C
Ridge C
Merritt D
Garrett E
Daniel G
Johnny H
Kambry J
Asa N
Margaret O
Riya P
Brandon P
West R
Sage S
Morgan S


eFolio Website - Semester 10th
Points Awarded
Points Possible

Website Creation Overview
Update your personal web page created last year (if this is your first personal website, you'll need to create this from scratch) - we use Weebly.

Home Page
Your homepage should give an overview of your education, your goals for life, and what types of courses you are are now taking. See http://www.julianross1.efoliomn.com/ - you may include a photo of yourself there.

Accomplishment Page 1
Include 1 accomplishment, sport, achievement on this page including a photo and description of the accomplishment.

Accomplishment Page 2
Include another accomplishment, achievement, sport on this page including a photo and description.

Community Service 1
Include a community service that you support with a hyperlink (if possible) and information onhow you've supported this community service. You must include photographs.

Include a listing of all of the major honors and achievements split by Academics, Athletics, Extra Curricular, Community Service (update these)

On this page you will include the courses you have taken thus far in high school. Include one paragraph at the top about your favorite course(s) - Update these.

The Cutting Edge
This is your technology page. You are to select one or more technologies with hyperlinks and photos (make sure to do creative commons) and you will write about the technologies that most interest you and why you think they will be important in the future.

A Thought to Ponder
On this page, you will write inspirational thoughts and opinions including some favorite quotes and perhaps even an inspirational youtube video of some sort.

Portfolio of Work
This page will include hyperlinks to your work including your Digiteen Reflective Blog Post, your Digiteen Action Wiki, and any other online achievements that are particularly important. Add a link to your Flat Classroom and NetGen work you've done.

My videos
Include Flat Classroom and NetGenEd videos on your page. Explain what you did and what you researched in each project.

Attractiveness and Design