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10th Grade

1st period

John B LJ Farms
Lindsey B Hunt for the Kill
Ashley B Tennis Tips 4 Teens
Reid C Stories by Reid
Ridge C
Kerrie D Through My Eyes
Elizabeth D Miss Sweet Teeth
Johnny H UGA Sportscenter
Kambry J Fur the Love of Pets
Asa N Animation with Asa
Margaret O Marvel Maven
Riya P Med Tech for Tots
West R- Wemo Wonders
Sage S -Softball with Sage
Morgan S - Apps for Autism

2nd period

Emory B
Julia B CONFIDENTial 101
Brandon B- Band CD
Tyler C Guide to bass fishing
Merritt D Re-Kindling The Kindle Kid's Corner
Karly D ePortfolio
Peyton H BullyBook
Jacques I Irrigation Simulation
James M - personal movie making
Alex P A Diary of a Southern Princess
Brandon P
Elizabeth R -Hope for Slaves
Braxton R - Website Editing
Meghan S Exercising

Madison T - Art Portfolio
Chason W

9th Grade

3rd period

Jenna A
Taylor B Apps2Achieve
Ty C Moto maintenance
Kellie C
Palmer C
Zachary D Fire and Fuel
Perra H
Woody H
Tobe H
Haley M - Music4Motivation
Molly S
Summer T
Will W
Blakelee H

6th period

Collier B
Tatum B -Westwood Wonders
Nick C. Free3dforme
Mac C bigmacatak
Lexie D. - The Health Guide
Dru F -HIking Forever - efoilo
Morgan G- Apps2Achieve
Tristen H - Westwood Wonders
Caroline H
Will H- Moto maintenance
Micah K - Take A Stand
Savana R -Gymnastics Tips
Callie S -The Health Guide
Matthew T - WeMo Wonders
Kelby W- Gymnastics Tips