You will create a wiki page link from this page. Your page may be about any topic of interest to you including your own hobbies and interests. Your page should include the following:
  1. 2 hyperlinks - 20 points
  2. picture - 4 points
  3. 3 kinds of headings 2 pts each (6 points)
  4. table of contents (5 points)
  5. horizontal rule (5 points)
  6. bold (5 points)
  7. italics (5 points)
  8. embed a video (10 points)
  9. A bulleted list (5 points)
  10. A numbered list (5 points)
  11. A quizlet set of at least 10 cards for something you're studying (10 points, 1 point each)
  12. Another widget of your choice (10 points)
  13. Attractiveness 10 points

How-to Make my Wiki Video from Vickinator the Wikinator ;-)

I've created a tutorial to help you do the tasks and learn how to do this type of project

Student Links for the Sandbox Project

Click on your name below. You will not use a template for this one but will create your wiki from scratch.
Use only your first name, last initial and be careful about the photos and information you choose to share so it isn't too much personal information.

3rd period

Brock A
Austin B
Thomas B
Gracie B
Jacob C
Mary Kate D
Reid F
Mark G
Griffin H
Leah H
David M
Akshay P
Mattie R
Cole S
Campbell W
Cole W
Mrs Vicki test page

6th period

Vince B
Rebekah B
Ashley C
Chandler C
Damon D
Elizabeth G
MarLeigh G
Douglas H
Jensen J
Maegan M
Jason P
Connor S
Tanner S
Patrick V
Karsyn W