Date of lesson:Grade you'll be teaching: K-5 and 1stWhat app will you be using: Candy Quest
Team Leader (s): Sydney and Abby
Team Members: Emily, Mckinley, Abby, Sydney


This game allows you to build your own troll that will go on a hunt to find candy.

What will be your "hook" for today?Who will welcome students: Emily and MckinleyWhat will be the instructions: Sit down on the floor in front of the big screen, watch video, go to their computers, start working on gameWhat will be on the board: Our video tutorialWho will be "running" the computer: AbbyWhat will be on the student computers: The gameWill the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? No, they will use the students IDs.

During Class

Welcome kids and tell them to come in and sit on the floor- 3 minPlay the video- 2 minTell them to sit at computer- 1 minGet started on game- 45 minAnnounce for students to help kids print off their certificate- 5 minCall all students to the middle ask if they had fun- 5 min

Ending Class

Wrap up class ten minutes before its time to go.


Who will make your handouts: AbbyWhat will you hand the students to take home to their parents? We will send them a handout explaining what they did this week.

Additional Jobs

Photographer: Mckinley

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?
Reflection and Evaluation

Put 5 photos here along with a one paragraph summary of what you did.