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Date of lesson:Grade you'll be teaching: K-5What app will you be using: Puppy Adventure
Team Leader (s): Ivana Santiago
Team Members: Lauren Allen, Ivana Santiago, Camilla Greene, Kinley Godwin


The children will walk in the classroom and we will give each of them a note card with a number on it. They will sit down on the floor and watch a short film about the game they will be playing. After watching the video, the children will go to their assigned computer. They will play a game and all be given a certificate with their name on it and a letter for the parents.

Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today?(Think music, costumes, what you'll say to make them excited to learn, remember that some are nervous, define programming or what they'll be doing and remember that they already saw the video.)Who will welcome students: Camilla GreeneWhat will be the instructions:What will be on the board: The video will be ready to go on the board.Who will be "running" the computer: Lauren AllenWhat will be on the student computers: The game will be ready to play on each of the students computers.Will the student computers be logged in with a certain ID?
Their teacher's ID will be logged into the computer

During Class

1. Hand out cards and prepare to watch video. (5 minutes)2. They will play the game.3.Hand out the handouts to the children that they will need to give to their parents.

Ending Class

10 min till class is up

Additional Material

We will be handing out the certificates to the children that didn't get to finish the whole game.


Ivana will make the handouts.

Additional Jobs

Kinley will be taking our pictures.

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?
Reflection and Evaluation

Put 5 photos here along with a one paragraph summary of what you did.