Technologies are converging to make new technologies. Cell phones, cd players, gaming consoles have all converged to become smart phones. Convergence will naturally continue into the future.

In this project, you are asked to invent YOUR vision of the future. Think of two or three things that will converge to make something new and how that new item will access the Internet.

Here is what you will do to complete this project.

1 - You will have to ask to join this wikispace. (Some of you may have already joined.) Tell Mrs. Davis and she will approve you.
2 - Before you click on your name below to make your wiki page, please note this. Use the Convergence Emergence wiki template AFTER you click your name. It has everything you need to know.
3 - Click your name below to create your page (using the template.)
4 - Fill out the template including a description of what is converging, what this new product will do, and how it will access the Internet.
5 - Prepare to pitch your idea to Mrs. Davis BEFORE you make your video.
6 - After you make your video, you will pitch your idea to the class using your video as a support for how this will work.

Each student will create their own video. We will share these in class. These videos are PUBLIC, so do not use full names on anything.

We will share these in class.
you can see some past ideas 2016.2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 (Note, you will make individual wiki pages like done by last year's class.)


1st Period

2nd Period

Sample 2017 page