8th grade portfolio

Computer Portfolio Project – 8th Grade
Due Date: Friday, April 28th in class

The portfolio should be a work of art---Creative, Professional, and Exhaustive!!
You may ADD items to this list but you may not delete any items.

Why do we have a portfolio? The purpose of a portfolio is three-fold. Firstly, it gives you a chance to have a book of your best work – this will come in handy later on for jobs and even in college. Secondly, it is good to have reference material handy from your course so that you can refer back to it when you need it in high school (MLA, clippings for scholarships and essays.) Finally, the ability to put together a comprehensive, attractive binder of information is a skill that you will use for many years to come. Often how the information is presented is just as important as what is presented. A well done portfolio will serve you well in many ways and is something you will do each year as part of our computer curriculum.

· Binder:Your portfolio should be in a black hard backed three ring notebook with a plastic cover that will allow you to slide in a cover page.
· Color Scheme: You should use a consistent color scheme on the cover page, table of contents, and any other pages that you personalize.
· C over Page:You should have a cover page that includes your name, the date, Westwood Schools, grade and your photograph and the title Portfolio of Work. This should be in color and on glossy brochure paper or glossy photo paper. You can be creative on the cover. You may have a color spine and back if you so choose. (If you want to print it at home, please remember to get your glossy paper and take some home. We only have 3 color printers in the classroom so don’t wait until the last moment on this, please!)
· Table of Contents:You should have a table of contents inside the front cover on glossy brochure paper. If you use colors, make sure that you select one color scheme throughout the entire portfolio. The table of contents should show each section and the items included within each section.
· Dividers/ Organization:You should have tabbed dividers. I prefer the Avery Ready Index Indexing System with 5 tabs. No handwritten tabs of any kind. I want each section clearly labeled. If you use the Avery ready indexing system, the front page of the index may be used in lieu of your Table of Contents, Use the title, and then list the items in the section underneath. (See some of the binders on my shelf for examples.) If you will bring these to class during the first month of December I will help you with this.

Your Notebook Will Have Five Sections

1) Production, 2) Timed Writings, 3) MLA Format , 4) Journal Entries (Blog Entries), 5) Biography

You should begin working on and saving items now. Here is what will be in each Section:

1) Production: In the front of this section, I would like your proofreaders mark handout. After the proofreader’s marks, I would like a printed copy of your progress report for the 1st and 2nd grading periods (you can print this off gradebinder or use a printed one from me.) This section will include papers produced throughout the class. You should include Lessons 26 through the last lesson completed and may add prior lessons if they are high quality. All of these should be spell checked except for timed writings.

2) Timed Writings – At the front of this section, I would like the GWAM Chart that I will give you in Excel – this is a graph of how your gwam has improved. You should type in your entries for timed writings. Included behind the GWAM chart should be at least 5 of your best timed writings in terms of speed and accuracy.

3) MLA Format – This section should include handouts given to you on the MLA format. It should also include the MLA paper typed on pages 293, 294 in your book. You should check the paper for accuracy, etc.

4) Journal Entries – This section should be a printout of your blog entries. You should have at least 20 of these and it is fine if they are printed off the laser printer.

5) Biography – This section is about you. It should begin with a 2 page autobiographical paper about you. You should include your dreams, goals, ambitions, personality, family makeup, and hobbies. After the biography, I would like you to include as many newspaper clippings or articles about you as you have available. These can be copies of articles from any time in your past. You may wish to put these in clear protective sleeves.

Timeline for Due Dates:

I will do checks (and give daily grades) on the following dates to ensure that students have begun work and are progressing appropriately:
April 11th –Production and Timed Writing Sections Started, 10 entries in journal, proofreaders marks (Will look in current computer notebook for this.)
April 13th – Binder, Dividers, Cover Page
April 25th – MLA Section, Progress Report Printed
April 28th – Portfolio Due
Grading Rubric for Portfol io – 8th Grade – 500 points
Spelling & Grammatical Errors – 1 each

Formatting Errors – 1/2 each

This will be worth two test grades and three daily production grades.

Mandatory Items – 100 points
15 points - Appropriate, neat notebook.
15 points – Turned in on time – April 28th
30 points - Cover Page
20 points - Table of Contents / Tabbed Dividers – Neat, easy to understand, easy to move through notebook and know where things are. Sections are in correct order.
20 points – Overall Appearance, neatness, consistent color scheme and font selection. Bonus points may be awarded here for attractiveness of project.

Production – 100 points
10 points – Proofreaders Marks Handout
10 points – Progress Report for Grading Period
30 points – Lessons 26 – current, spell checked, neat

Timed Writings – 100 points
20 points – GWAM Chart
80 points – Timed Writings – 10 points each (not appropriate to spell check)

MLA Format – 50 points
10 points – MLA Handouts
40 points – MLA Paper, p 293, 294 of book

Journal Entries – 100 points
100 points – Journal Entries – 20 (5 points each) – Bonus may be awarded for creativity, use of color, attractiveness (up to 10 points)

Biography – 50 points
40 points – 2 page autobiographical paper in MLA Format
10 points – Newspaper/ Publicity Articles (5 points each – minimum of 2)

Bonus Points May Be Awarded in any section for the “little extras” – color, font selection, extra work, etc.
Grading Scale
450+ points = A
400 – 449 points = B
350 – 399 points = C

You may turn in your portfolio up to 10 days early. You will receive +1 for each day early this is turned in up to +10 bonus points on the portfolio.