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Date of lesson:Grade you'll be teaching:6thWhat app will you be using: Leader (s): Abby and Gracie
Team Members: Will, Gracie, Jacob Abby, and Karlie


Today, we will be teaching the kids how to program games on Hour of Code. We will be programming the game Star Wars. We hope they will have a blast and learn a lot.

Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today?Who will welcome students: Jacob and WillWhat will be the instructions: When they first walk into the class, we will show them how to program with a video on the infocus board in the front of the room and show an example of how to do it. Then, they will go with their partners to their assigned computer to start programming their Starwars game. Lastly, if they finish early we will let them start programming the Minecraft.
What will be on the board: An introduction video made by the producer of Star Wars.Who will be "running" the computer: The kids will have control over the game, but if they have an issue we will help them get around it.
What will be on the student computers: Star Wars game from Hour of Code.Will the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? They will login on their "teacher's" account.

During Class

1. We will introduce ourselves and the game-- 5-7 minutes

2.They will go with their "teacher" to their computer and will start on the game--- 35-40 minutes

Ending Class

At about 12:40, we will wrap up class. We will print out certificates and take a group picture.


Who will make your handouts: Gracie PollockWhat will you hand the students to take home to their parents? A handout with the links to all of the things we worked on, and a parents letter.

Additional Jobs

Who will be your "photographer": Gracie Pollock

Reflection and Evaluation:We hope the kids will learn a lot and have fun.

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