Date of lesson: 12/8/15Grade you'll be teaching: 6th GradeWhat app will you be using: Minecraft

Team Leader (s): Project Manager-Gambill , Assistant Project Manager-DawsonTeam Members: Gambill D., Dawson B., Hunter L. Ivey D.


Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today?

Who will welcome students: Ivey will welcome them at the door with peppermints.What will be the instructions: Follow the directions. listen to your instructor, and show the team respect.What will be on the board: Minecraft coding game-
Who will be "running" the computer: Gambill D.What will be on the student computers: Minecraft game on code.orgWill the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? No

During Class

-Explain the concept of coding and how it has become popular with the video- 2:04
-Inroduce and show kids how to look up and search website- 1 min.
-Show kids Minecraft game and explain process- 5 min.
-Explain how coding works in games that they play and ones that are being created today.-5 min.
-Allow kids to play game and learn-15-25 min.
-Ask if they enjoyed the lesson, and if they did explain how they can use coding in the future.- 6 min.

Ending Class

What time will you start wrapping up class?We will end with a quick review and be done around 12:54

Additional Material


Who will make your handouts:Dawson B.
What will you hand the students to take home to their parents? A letter explaining the lesson and why it is amazing.

Additional Jobs

Who will be your "photographer": Dawson Brinkley

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?An endorsement backing us up with your expertise and support.Reflection and Evaluation
We had a good time working with the kids on Hour of Code. As much as they learn, we learn a lot from them too. All of us enjoyed working together on this project and seeing it in action was gratifying. The kids listened well, learned a good bit, and the instructors did a good job teaching them. It was a fun experience and we all had fun with it.

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