Date of lesson: December 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2014Grade you'll be teaching: 3rd/1st/5th
What app will you be using: Frozen
Team Leader (s): Bella
Team Members: Amanda, McKenlee, Macy, Morgan, Bella, Erin, Delaney


Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today? Let It Go will play, the room will be decorated as a winter wonderlandWho will welcome students: Bella and MorganWhat will be the instructions: Erin type -Amanda saysWhat will be on the board: Power PointWho will be "running" the computer: MorganWhat will be on the student computers: Frozen appWill the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? They will be logged onto the students' IDs.

During Class

List what will be done in class -- list the approximate amount of time on each (if you know).
  • Describing Frozen app (5 minutes)
  • playing game. (20-30 minutes.)
  • asking what was learned (10 minutes)

Ending Class

What time will you start wrapping up class? 5 minutes before bell rings.

Additional Material


Who will make your handouts: Erin and Amanda
What will you hand the students to take home to their parents? The handouts and instructions, here;

Additional Jobs

Who will be your "photographer": Erin

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?
Reflection and Evaluation

IMG_20141211_102131.jpg IMG_20141211_102203.jpgIMG_20141211_103443.jpg IMG_20141211_103309.jpg

We did a project in which everyone taught their own student how to code, using Hour Of Code. We each taught a kid individually how to manage the coding apps on Hour of Code. Each kid had a lot of fun playing around with the apps, and we learned a little bit ourselves about coding and teaching. Overall it was a fun experience, both for us and the younger kids.