Portfolio Requirements – 9th

Due Date: May 4th IN CLASS!

The portfolio should be a work of art---Creative, Professional, and Exhaustive!!
You may ADD items to this list but you may not delete any items. This is your semester exam grade.

1. Personal Information
a. Resume
b. A 2 page MLA autobiographical paper summarizing your dreams, goals, ambitions, personality, family makeup, and family setting.
c. A copy of any newspaper or newsletter clippings about your or any teams you have participated since 6th grade or later. (Just add to the ones from last year.)
d. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation about your Motivational book topic printed three per page in color on double sided glossy brochure paper

2. Qualifications
a. A copy of at least 3 jobs that interest you. (Go to monster.com)
b. Cover letter in Full Block format on personal letterhead applying for consideration to one of the jobs.
c. A listing of three colleges that interest you along with their entrance criteria (SAT, GPA’s, entrance dates, etc.)
d. One college application of your favorite college completed (preferably typed)
e. A listing of three scholarships that you would be eligible for as a senior (qualifications, application dates, etc., HOPE must be one of them.)
f. Optional.Two letters of reference (school, community, work related, church) This is optional but is worth bonus points. No teacher may be asked by more than two students to write a letter of reference. Give them plenty of time.
g. An Excel Spreadsheet showing the costs of attending the college of your choice including room, board, tuition, etc. Include a pie chart showing the breakdown of these expenses. (The more attractive and advanced, the better your score)You may include up to 3 colleges for bonus. Print formulas if you used them.

3. Electronic Production
a. Blog entries – You will print out a copy of your blog. It should include at least 20 entries. Include the URL for your blog at the front of this section.
b. Wiki pages – You will print out a copy of wikis that you created for class projects.
c. Book Review on Amazon – Print out a copy of the book review you created on Amazon.com.
d. Additional electronic materials - You will type a list along with URL’s of items that you have created as a part of this class. You should include the URL for one podcast.

4. Microsoft Office

a. Three (3) Microsoft Word Samples – Include 3 (three) Microsoft Word items. These could be a fax cover sheet or a memorandum or another item. You may not do a letter. You may do a copy of an MLA paper written for English or literature class. You MUST include the MLA paper written about your motivational book, corrected and unmarked.
b. Two Microsoft Excel Sample(s) – Include 2 (two) items in the Microsoft Excel section. You should print the table along with the formulas page.
c. One Microsoft Access Sample– Include one database in the Microsoft Access section. You may print forms and tables. Use something created in class or customize one made through a template.
d. One Microsoft PowerPoint – Include one PowerPoint presentation that you have created. This can be six per page printed in color on double sided glossy brochure paper.
e. Bonus Office Programs You may select other office programs if you choose: Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PhotoDraw - This is optional but is bonus (Up to 5 items for +2 each)

5. Graphic Design – Each project in this section should have clearly labeled in the top right corner the program used to create the item.
a. A copy of a font sheet with Serif, Sans Serif and Script fonts. Make sure a name of the computer is listed in the top right hand corner. This should be at least one page long.
b. A copy of the Christmas card that you designed in color on glossy paper.
c. At least one graphic design project for an organization that you belong to (or a business you work for.) This would include a flyer, an advertisement, a brochure, or a postcard mailer. This should be printed on double sided glossy brochure paper. You may include more than one for additional points. (Do this in publisher, print shop, photoshop, or Microsoft Word.)

· Your portfolio should be in a white hard backed three ring notebook with a plastic cover that will allow you to slide in a cover page. It should be no bigger than 2 ½ ”.
· Color Scheme: You should use a consistent color scheme on the cover page, table of contents, and any other pages that you personalize.
· You should have a cover page that includes your name, the date, Westwood Schools, and your photograph and the title Portfolio of Work. This should be in color and on glossy brochure paper or glossy photo paper. You can be creative on the cover. You may have a color spine and back if you so choose.
· You should have a table of contents inside the front cover on glossy brochure paper or using the Avery Ready Indexing System (described below.) If you use colors, make sure that you select one color scheme throughout the entire portfolio. The table of contents should show each section and the items included within each section. You may use page numbers if you choose, but ensure that each item is numbered with a page number if you do this.
· You should have tabbed dividers. I prefer the Avery Ready Index Indexing System with 5 tabs. No handwritten tabs of any kind. I want each section clearly labeled. If you use the avery ready indexing system, the front page of the index may be used in lieu of your Table of Contents, Use the title, and then list the items in the section underneath. (See some of the binders on my shelf for examples.)
· Sheet protectors – The ONLY items you may put in sheet protectors are items printed on colored glossy paper and newspaper clippings. Sheet protectors are optional.

Grading Rubric for Portfolio – 9th – 600 points
Spelling & Grammatical Errors – 1 each

Formatting Errors – 1/2 each

Mandatory Items – 100 points
15 points - Appropriate, neat notebook.
15 points – Turned in on time
30 points - Cover Page
20 points - Table of Contents / Tabbed Dividers – Neat, easy to understand, easy to move through notebook and know where things are. Projects are in correct order.
20 points – Overall Appearance, neatness, consistent color scheme and font selection. Bonus points may be awarded here for attractiveness of project.

Personal Information – 100 points
30 points – Resume
50 points – MLA Autobiographical Paper
10 points – Newspaper Clippings
30 points – PowerPoint Presentation

Qualifications – 100 points
15 points – Three jobs (5 points each)
30 points – Cover letter
30 points – Three Colleges & Entrance Criteria (10 points each)
20 points – One college application+
15 points – Three scholarships (5 points each)
10 points – Two letters of reference (5 points each)*
15 points – Excel Spreadsheet Showing costs of attending college of your choice.*

Electronic Production – 100 points
40 points - Blog Entries (20 entries) – 2 pts each
25 points - Wiki pages
25 points - Book Review on Amazon.com
10 points - Additional Electronic materials (must include URL for 1 podcast)

Microsoft Office – 150 points
50 points - Microsoft Word *
50 points – Microsoft Excel*
25 points – Microsoft Access
25 points – Microsoft PowerPoint
Optional Programs+

Graphic Design – 50 points
10 points - Font Exploration
20 points – Christmas Card
10 points - One graphic design project+

Grading Scale – Portfolio – 2nd Semester EXAM Grade
540+ points = A
480 – 539 points = B
420 – 479 points = C
*Up to 2 Additional Items may be included in this section. Up to +5 bonus points
+Up to 5 additional items may be included in this section. Up to +10 bonus points.