The Online space for students of Westwood Schools to learn and collaborate. Managed by teacher and blogger Vicki Davis.
This is our museum and celebration of public work.

Current Activities 2015-2016

Student Portfolios

Each year, students in 9th and 10th grade create and update their portfolios of work.
2015 Website Design efolios
2014 Website Design efolio and Genius Projects
2013 Website Design efolio and Genius Projects
2012 Website Design efolio
2011 Website design efolio
2010 Website Design efolio
2009 - 10th grade efolio
2009 - 9th Grade efolios
2008 efolios
2007 efolios

2014 Work

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Past Courses

Archive of Past Classes


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History of this Wiki

We use our wiki as the hub of our classroom and for projects. We have been in the news since we started in November 2005.

Who can join this space?

If you're not a student of Mrs. Davis, please do not ask to join, although this space is publicly viewable it is only editable by the teacher and students at Westwood Schools.