As we participate in the Arab Israeli Conflict Simulation, each of you will play a role as the part of a country/ team.

Important Documents

Background Material

Grading Rubrics

Midterm Reports

Grading Rubric

Team Wiki Pages

Insert information below by clicking on your webpage, use the AIC Template.

Final Video Summaries

Here's the assignment. Please add this information to the top of your midterm report page.

Table of Contents


For the final assignment you may either
1) Make a video with your voices and the pictures of the world leader - for bonus, you may insert slides to go along with your words, or
2) A voicethread (you will have the world leader's photo and each person will record their part on their leader's page.)

1st Graphic - your flag or country

  • "This is the reflection for the 2009 Arab Israeli Conflict Simulation for _ Insert country for the insert color team."
  • Record the name of your country and summarize the strategic objectives of your country.

World Leader Graphics: Use a photo of your leader
Audio: For your leader, you should state the following:
  • "Hi this is (first name only) and I played (insert name of world leader) who is _ (insert title) of (insert country name here)
  • My goals in this simulation were to _. (insert goals)
  • In my role I submitted _. (how many action forms and press releases)
  • My major accomplishments as a leader in this simulation were: name a minimum of 2 major accomplishments and what they were.
  • One of my biggest frustrations in the simulation was....
  • One of the things I liked about the simulation was ....
  • One of the most important things I learned on this simulation was .....
  • I think that in order to have peace in the Middle East that .....

Last Graphic - your flag or country.
  • The most important accomplishments for our country were...

After creating this video or voicethread, you may upload to the Westwood Ning and embed here, or may embed your voicethread here. Use the following information under your video.

list each world leader, their title and the first name and last initial of the student playing that leader
Action Forms: Insert number here.
Press Releases: Insert number here.
Total Number of Communiques for Everyone in our Group: Insert number here of all communiques of everyone in the group, added together!