Inventor: Akshay P.
Patel Industries

Description of product

A technology integrated filing cabinet that has every file on record. There is a screen attached to the cabinet that shows the contents of the cabinet, number of papers in a file, and a brief description of the file. You will be able to press a button and have the file cabinet open up to your selected file. With the new fab-file people can easily save time and money.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • Filing Cabinet
  • RFID Chips (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Tablet

Internet Access

The fab-file keeps an online track of what files are inside the fab-file. This does not allow the user to access files online. The online integration is to keep a backup of how files are arranged and what are inside. Cloud integration.


So far I do not see this product emerging anywhere on the market. This is a new idea that can save time and money, so I do see this product emerging soon.


Nerd- Akshay P.
Owner of Patel Industries- Akshay P.
Satisfied customer- Jensen J.
Producer- Akshay P.
Music Selector- Brandon P.
Music: Grandtheft & Keys N Krates- Keep It 100
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