Project Name- Top Music of the Month

Alexandra P

Project Overview



My Project

Embed the links or artifacts here of the items you created along with a one sentence summary of each artifact. Include the date the item was created/ posted.
My page on Tumblr.
My first blog was about why I would be using Tumblr. - January 18, 2012
My next blog I posted was when my project started.- February Blog!
- 2nd February Blog!
I started doing three blogs a month in March. - First Blog!
-Second Blog!
- Last Blog!
April I had three more blogs telling more about the songs. - April!
- Middle of April!
- End of April!

My Important Takeaways

  • How to stay on track. I had gotten behind on a few blogs and had to catch up.
  • How to make nice blogs and proper ways to write them.
  • How to stay organized. It is very important to stay organized when doing a big project.

The biggest challenges

My biggest challenges was to keep up on making by blogs at the right time. It was also challenging to make sure you post the correct blog at the correct time.

Project Plan

My plan was to tell the top songs for two genres for three weeks out of the month. I made blogs at the beginning, middle, and end of each month.
Original Project plan:

Project Execution

I had planned to spend my time researching and writing my blogs. The way I spent my was writing a blog one week and doing research the next week. I would write a blog every week.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Be sure to manage your time and stay organized. If you do blogs make sure to watch the date and write your blog at the correct time.