The Mental Game

Alyssa M.

Project Overview

My Project






My Important Takeaways

  • Have things done on time.
  • Make extra time to work on the project.
  • Plan way in advance.

The biggest challenges

My biggest challenge was getting people together to take the picture for my website.

Project Plan

Original Project Plan:

Alyssa M.
Title: The Mental Game
Description: I will make a website about tennis. There will be pictures of a person playing tennis. Each swing will be described; forehand, backhand, and serve. There will be quotes from tennis players about what “it takes” mentally and physically for them to prepare for a match.
Research Required: I will research website layouts and tennis information. I will take pictures of tennis being played and get quotes from each player.
Technology Required: I will be using to create the website. I will use an iPad2 for taking the pictures and uploading them onto the website.
January 25th: Create a website
February 28th: Have information put on the website
March 28th: Have pictures on the website
April 25th: Have quotes on website
May 2nd: Make sure website is finished
Justification: This project is important to me because I like to play tennis and maybe my website can inspire someone else to play as well. If there is somebody wanting to learn about the sport they can use my website as a tool.

Project Execution

I had planned to spend my time researching information on my topic, put everything on my website, and then taking pictures of people playing tennis. I actually spent my time making my website, researching my topic, putting the information on my website in my own words, and i have to get pictures on my website. I would have a better plan next time.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Make sure you get everything done by your deadline so you wont get behind.
Ask for help if you need it.