Name: Annabelle L.

Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

The most important thing I've learned this year is that people around the world are just the same as you and me. I also learned how to act properly and communicate while participating in global collaborations. Most people think that global collaborations sound easy, but they aren't. Most of the time, people edit over each other's work, which causes stress and arguements. The most interesting technology that I've learned about this year is Open Sim. Open Sim is a virtual world where people from all over the world can interact. You can create your own avatar, design clothes, and even fly. It was really cool! My three favortie things we did this year were Open Sim, Pinnacle/movie making, and making our elluminate slides. I think that kids need to be properly educated about technology. Many are putting personal information and nude pictures on the internet which is causing havoc to young teens. If kids are educated properly about safe internet use, then technology can be used for great things like our school education could become fun and interactive.

Global Collaboration

I participated in the following global collaborations

Flat Classroom Project

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My video showed how people could use their cell phones and laptops anywhere and at anytime. It also showed that people could use their cell phones and laptops in the oddest and most random places and still get a connection.

My video "Mobile and Ubiquitous Story" won 1st place in the Mobile and Ubiquitous category and won 2nd place for the entire project.

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For my outsourced video for Michael S., I had to get one of my friends to wear a white t-shirt and say “When Google first started out it was only in the states.”

In the Flat Classroom Project, I participated in an international collaboration. I was in the group Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing. My group and I talked about how people can use their cell phones and laptops anywhere and at anytime. We also discussed how far the technology has come, the current news surrounding mobile and ubiquitous computing, and the impact it has on the world.

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Flat Classroom Conference

The Flat Classroom Conference was held in Qatar, and people from all over the world were there, including some kids from my own school. I unfortunately was not able to attend the conference, but everyone who went said it was amazing and that they learned very much. Even though I didn't get to go to the conference, it was still an amazing experience to watch and listen to all the videos made during the conference. Two of my favorite videos was "You" by Jeff Utecht and "The Machine is Using Us" by Sabbab.

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NetGenEd Project

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My video showed life with or without smart objects. I also learned a lot about how far we've come from the "dark" ages to the "new" age and just how smart out everyday objects have become.

My video "Out with the old, In with the new" won 1st place in the Smart Objects category, and won 2nd place out of 150 videos for the entire project.

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For my outsourced video for eneyland, all I had to do was show someone using the Smart Board.

In the NetGenEd Project, I participated in an international collaboration on the group wiki/ning. My group was in charge of Smart Objects. We had to talk about current technology of smart objects, and the speed, freedom, and integrity of smart objects. We also discussed how smart objects have become a source of entertainment.

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Information Technology

Timeline of the Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution is the change from analog electronic technology to digital technology.

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Convergence as we Speak

Convergence is when objects come together to form one grand object.

Device Classification

Device- Devices are objects that can be used with a computer such as input and output devices.
Software- Software can be various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices such as system software and application software.
Computers- Computers are a device that can compute data such as personal computers and video game consoles.

My Invention

The Botler is a robot/butler that can feed you and even dress you! You will never have to worry about eating the appropriate foods or even matching your styles. The Botler knows exactly what foods are best for you, and what clothes best fit you!


List all websites, software, and/or programs which use used this year in this course or others.
  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. Adobe PhotoShop
  4. Google Docs
  5. Google Docs Document
  6. Google Docs Presentation
  7. Google Docs Spreadsheets
  8. Camtasia
  9. Movie Maker
  10. ZoHo Writer
  11. Ajax Writer
  12. ThinkFree
  13. Youth Voices
  14. YouTube
  15. Blogger
  16. Wikipedia
  17. Google
  18. Creative Commons
  19. Animoto
  20. StatCounter
  21. FeedBurner
  22. Netvibes
  23. Digiteen Ning
  24. Digiteen Wikispaces
  25. Westwood Ning
  26. Westwood Wikispaces
  27. Flat Classroom Project Ning
  28. Flat Classroom Project Wiki
  29. NetGenEd Ning
  30. NetGenEd Wiki
  31. Classtools
  32. Open Sim
  33. Reaction Grid
  34. Twitter
  35. Pinnacle Studio