Date of lesson 12-14-13Grade you'll be teaching: 1st gradeWhat app will you be using: Tynker
Team Leader (s): Cole

Team Members:Reid, Austin, Thomas, Jake


Get the children settled and on Tynker. Tell them what coding is and let the personal teacher get them started. Tell them when to swap games and pass the parent handouts out and hand out the certificates.

Jacob and Reid will welcome the students.They will log on the computer and go to the tynker websiteThe Tynker website will be on the board.Cole S. will work the computer.The Tynker website will be on the student's computers.Each person in the class will log on there own computer.

During Class

The kids will play the games 20 minutes a piece.

Ending Class

20 minutes before the bell we will pass out the certificates.


Reid and Austin are making the handouts.

Additional Jobs

Austin is our picture taker.

Reflection and Evaluation

Put 5 photos here along with a one paragraph summary of what you did.

2013-12-12 15.08.35.jpg2013-12-12 15.06.58.jpg 2013-12-12 15.09.14 (1).jpg2013-12-12 15.08.57.jpg2013-12-12 15.06.39.jpg

Today we showed the kids how to program games and other things on Tynker. The children played the educational games to teach them step by step how to code. They played puppy mini and lost in space which they all mastered by the end of the class and some of the more natural coders got to play space zombies. At the end of class we had a certificate ceremony to recognize their genius learning. I think that all the children had fun and learned the basics of coding.