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This blog posting
This is about how to make a movie and this can be very useful to people that have never made a movie. The reason I picked this certain blog was that this was a very neat project, that I had a bunch of fun doing, and I knew a lot about.
This blog posting
This is called my opinion and it is about the dangers of becoming immersed in a virtual, online world. I picked this one to do because this is a very important issue that is all around us everyday and many teens and adults really don't understand the importance of this type of subject.
This blog posting
This is about the Westwood Wildcat Football players. I chose this blog because I am a cheerleader for the football game and they did so good this past year in football. This year was also my first year cheering for the varsity team and there was so much excitment when the Wildcats won!
This blog posting
This is called Free Post(Sally Ride). This was a very important blog to me because I have never done a project about her and I learned a lot that I never knew. Another reason why this was important was because I have always wanted to be an astronaut and she was the first American woman into outer space and she inspired me so much.
This blog posting
This is about how we had to find a person who we thought was successful and we had to ask them questions on how they stay organized. The reason why I picked this one was because the most successful person to me was my mother and I have no idea how she is able to do the things that she does for me and herself.

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Computer Country- Cover Page

This movie is for people that don't know how to run the new Microsoft Office and this video is about how to insert a cover page on the new Microsoft Office 2007.
The Productivity Pyramid

This movie is about the productivity pyramid and this shows how to plan you goals and dreams. This is very helpful to those that have bad goal planning and it can get them on the right track!

Planning for the Future

Jobs that Interest Me

I chose Opthamology because I have lots of problems with my eyes and I know what it feels like to not know how to see. I would love to be able to help people and I think it would be a really cool job!
The first time I had ever been in a physical therapist office I thought that it would be neat to work there because you get to help people regain their strength. Another reason why I think I would like this job is because it is not one of those jobs that you just sit around, but instead you have to be active and helpful to you patients.
I chose pharmacist because I would love to be in the medical feild and be able to give people medicine. This job pays good too!

Three Colleges that Interest Me

Mercer University