This is a page listing the personal favorites of the teacher, Mrs. Davis, along with a description for why it is in the blog hall of fame.

Hall of Fame


Queen Couture Fashion Blog - "Their clothes say more than they think they do" - Victoria C. - This post is amazing because the author's opinion is intertwined with graphics and hyperlinks. Very nice job! Added 5/2008

The Movie Worms Blog- Will B. and Annabelle L. This entire blog belongs in the hall of fame. The graphics are appealing, and the hyperlinks are great. It also includes movies, feedburner at the bottom, and good widgets on the sidebar. Perhaps a little work on being concise is in order, but it is a GREAT blog. Added 5/2008 Especially good posts include Vantage Point and A Movie Royale.

Hunting Homeboys Blog - 6 Habits of Highly Effective Quail Hunters - Hunter H.
This is a great post because the author used graphics, had attention getting titles, and did a very nice job of covering a topic that he knows very well. This is a great example of a catchy "expert post." Very nice job!

Unprecedented Force for Change - Horizon Project 2008- Gillian F. - This blog post is an excellent example of an opinion post in which the blogger quotes from the source, includes appropriate hyperlinks, and makes her case very effectively. Nice job!


A Teenager's Perspective - Kyli L's Personal Blog - This was created on Kyli's own time and is done in her "spare time." She has received attention for her blog entry, "DOPA: Protecting US?" on the DOPA act and I've often told her that she should testify in Congress. Her SAT: The Pressure and A Blogger's Identity show maturity and introspection. Kyli is a good blogger because has meaningful thoughts and comments on topics of interest to her. As a result, her blog has been read by people around the world trying to understand what students think.

Casey's Vacation Posts - This is Casey's personal blog where she posted some beautiful photographs and thoughts about some of the places she has traveled. This is such a great use of the blog and what the blogosphere is all about! This is the emergence of grassroots media and grassroots reporting that we discuss in Computer Science.

Honorable Mention


Digiteen Project - "CyberSecurity" - John V - This excellent post is full of hyperlinks and graphics and could only be improved with a little more white space. Added 5/2008

Awareness About Darfur from Youth Voices - Shelby K - Shelby is doing one of the best things she can do to promote awareness about something, blog! She's done a very nice job with the hyperlinks and kept it concise. A nice graphic or video from the news would have been nice, however, we have not been allowed to post youtube videos into youth voices, so this is understandable. Nice job. 3/2008


Biologics and Robotics Become Entwined - Elizabeth S February 2006
This amazing post was in response to a question of the week. This student really did an excellent job writing. The only thing that could have made it better was hyperlinks to her source. Great job!

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How to be in the Hall of Fame

Remember, to be in the Hall of Fame, I look for several things:
  1. Hyperlinks to sources
  2. Meaningful, intelligent expression of original thinking
  3. Graphic appeal