Project Name

Southside Baptist Youth Website

Project Overview



My Project

My Important Takeaways
  • The main thing I learned was how to create my on website.
  • I learned how to embed a calendar on my website. That was real big for me because it took me a while to figure out.
  • I also figured out how to put background music on the website.

The biggest challenges

My biggest challenge that I faced was how to put a calendar on the website. It took me a while but with a little help I figured out how to do it. Another big challenge was trying to figure out how to put music on the website. I figured out how to do that by looking on youtube. My favorite page is the page that has a daily bible verse on it but that page took me a while to do. With a little help from West I finished the page and now I have a page that has a daily bible verse on it.

Project Plan
The plan for my project is to have a website for our youth so they can get on it and see when our next events are, have a daily bible verse, and have a home page with info on what the church is doing.
Original Project plan: The original plan was to just have a basic website with just a calendar on it but i added a bunch of things to it.

Project Execution
I had planned to spend my time on one page at a time and then move on to the next one but it didn't actually happen like that.

For those who do this type of project in the future.
Make sure you have a plan layed out so you can follow it and keep all your things in order. Keep your stuff organized and neat.