Westwood Social Media

Braxton R.

Project Overview



My Project

Westwood New Site - This is the new Westwood website and template we are planning on creating.
Wildcat Web Online - New Wildcat Web Online with the same external links.

My Important Takeaways

  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol. Allows you to transfer files to a host or website.
  • Wordpress - I learned many new things about wordpress and templates.
  • Website Hosts - Bluehost is our main site host provider. I've learned about website hostings.

The biggest challenges

My biggest challenge was probably getting all the information from one site to another and trying to find out how to make the menu, although now that I know how, it is very simple.

Project Plan

I was planning on updating more than 1 media of the Wildcat Web. It was more difficult that I thought it would be and took more time than I thought, therefore I could not do all that I was planning. I wanted to work with Twitter and possibly make a discussion forum for sports and activities, although I wasn't able to get to it, but may in the near future if I am allowed.

Project Execution

How did you plan to spend your time? I intended to spend my time editing just more than the Westwood website.
How did you actually spend your time? Editing the entire website template and pages.
What would you do differently next time. Spend my time more efficiently and work harder and try to do a better job.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

DO NOT SLACK. Always listen to your teacher(s) and obey what they tell you to do and how to do it.