Project Name

Carrie N

Project Overview

Skyping with Seniors.
The point of our project was to teach the employees at the retirement home how to Skype so that they could help the citizens of the Retirement home to be reunited threw Skype with their families.

My Project

About us
How to Skype
Whats Skype?
These are the three pages I made on our Website.
Skyping with seniors
We worked on the Wiki for some time. There's not really a pacific date it was created. It was completely finished on 4/26/12.

My Important Takeaways

  • It takes time to make perfect
  • This can benifit other Retirement home
  • Helping others makes you feel great.

The biggest challenges

The biggest challenges that I faced was getting the camera at the retirement home to work on volume and focus of the pictures.

Project Plan

My orginal project plan was to teach the proper way to bat in softball. We couldn't find all the time to get a mentor and make the video's, so I changed it to Skyping with senior.
Our plan Syping with seniors, was to help the elders at the Retirement home be able to Skype with family that does not live close or they haven't talked to in a while. We had to have rides to the Retirement home for whenever we had to go up there. We had to get the camera set up and make sure the volume on the computer works.We had to install Skype onto their computer. We sent out our survey. We taught there employee's how to Skype so they can show the residents.

Project Execution

How did you plan to spend your time? How did you actually spend your time? What would you do differently next time.
I spent my time for the first couple of weeks learning about the people I would be working with, then time was spent on trying to figure out what kind of camera we liked, then time was spent on getting surveys out and getting them back in so we can add their family on Skype and they can start. I would change nothing I have already done.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Make sure that you have a camera that has a really good focus and speaker on it. Make sure that you have transportation to and from the retirement home. Gather everybody's email that wants to join Skype & go add them yourself instead of making the retirement home do it, it's your project.01..0