Table of Contents

  • Create a PowerPoint (uploaded to slideshare and embedded) or an Animoto Video (created and embedded below)
  • It should demonstrate how technologies are converging to create new technologies
  • The new technology should be related to: Augmented Reality, GPS, gesture based computing, and other new technologies as we discussed in class. NOT a new cell phone
  • We should clearly be able to understand what is converging to make the new technology.
  • If the new technology doesn't have a name, give it one.
  • Use the following format

Name of Technology:
Your Name:
Convergence of:
embed your artifact

Student Projects

Erin's Augmenteted Reality Camera
Convergence of : Augmented Reality, social sites, youtube, and video and wireless technology

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Alex- BumpTop 3D multi-touch desktop
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james MIT clown gloves

Ashley M.'s Affordable, Sophisticated Gesture Based Computing
Convergence of: Latex gloves, Laptops, and multicolored materials.

Mitch G- 3D baggage scan

Riley's Smart Home Tools:
DoorBell Fon- allows you to answer the door from your household telephone. You can even set it to have customized tones.
Digital Nutrition Scale- just place your food item on it and it will give you the nutrition information of your item, just like a container would.

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Ryan c
Wii, Xbox 360

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Savannah- Mgestyk Gesture Based Control

Claire's Terrafugia
Convergence of cars and planes

Xbox 360 Kinect

Espn Hologram Technology

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BMW Augmented Reality

clayton 3-d tv

Brooke-Home Automation

Toni- x.10

Laken- voice activation