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  • Section B offers an overview of computers, including definitions of input, output, processing, storage, and the stored program concept. Students learn the characteristics of personal computers, servers, mainframes, and supercomputers. They also explore the similarities and differences in PDAs, portable players, and smart phones, and learn the purpose of microcontrollers.


Classification Station:

You will create a slide in Powerpoint (and embed on or use a tool on or if you choose) to create a graphic that classifies the following. Embed your slide show or project(s) on the Classification Station page. See the following for a description of what you will be classifying and how. (This will be one test grade -- clearly mark your project with your first name only, and put a heading on the top of each section of this project.)
  • Device Classification (25 points) - p 15 - Create a graphic demonstrating as many categories of computer components (or peripherals) that you can think of that are: input, output, processing, memory, and storage devices. (You may depict this on one graphic or multiple with a minimum of two devices in each category. I recommend that you use Venn Diagram of sorts to display devices that fall in multiple categories.
  • Software Classification (25 points) - p 16 Software has two basic categories: Application software and system software. You are to show at least 5 examples of each category by going on the Internet and finding and copying the logo of the software and pasting it in the correct category of your slide or graphic.
  • Computer Classification (50 points) - p 16- 21 - You will show at least two examples of each classification of a computer including: Personal computer, workstation, videogame console, server, client, mainframe computer, supercomputer, handheld computer, PDA, smart phone, portable media player, microcontroller.

Invent This!

Invent a device, where does it fit on the computer classification grid? Do you need a new category, if so, invent a new category. Create a few graphics in Powerpoint (make sure you save as and save it as a jpeg), then, go to the podsafe music network. Sign up as a producer and find some podsafe music for your video.

You will go to and sign up. You will drag in the photos, drag in the music and create a 30 second clip to embed our class inventions page with your name listed as the inventor. Give it a title and a 20 word description of what it will do on the wiki. Include its category. It should be in the following format.

Author: your name
Category: the category
Description: 20 word description of the invention.


computer, input, output, data, processing, central processing unit (CPU), microprocessor, memory, storage, file, computer program, software, stored program, application software, system software, operating system (OS), adn microcontroller.

You will learn the categories of computers, including personal computers, workstation, videogame console, server, client, mainframe computer, supercomputer, and the term compute-intensive.

Additional Assignments:

  • Quick Check 1B
  • Interactive Summary 1B
  • Lab - Operating a Personal Computer p 47
  • Reading Assignment: A Whole New Mind excerpt, Question of the Week on Ning. (if you are a member of the ning, the link will take you to it -- this is a private ning.)
  • Test - 9/14/2007 over 1A and 1B

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