• Section A lists the major technologies fueling the digital revolution. Students learn about the concept of convergence and how it applies to digital devices. Students also explore some ways in which digital technology affects society.


Timeline the Digital Revolution - Using the information on pages 4 - 13 create a timeline at www.classtools.net and click on timeline. Go through the items in this chapter and put at least 10 of the MOST IMPORTANT events in the digital revolution on the timeline. 1) Print and Turn in. 2) Embed your timeline in the Timeline for the Digital Revolution 2009 Timeline 2008 page. Assignment tag: 8_19_2009_cs

8/20/2008 - Convergence as We Speak Project - You are to find a device that is a convergence of two previous technologies. Using Powerpoint, find a photograph of the device. Find photographs of the device(s) that are converging to make this new device. Label it clearly and draw an arrow between the two devices that are converging into the new device. Label each device. 1) Print this FULL SLIDE. 2) Using slideshare embed your slide showing your convergence on the Chapter 1A - Convergence as we Speak_2009 page of the wiki. Assignment tag: 8_20_2009_cs 2007 project 2008 Project


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