Presentation for Classroom 2.0 Workshop with Steve Hargadon.


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Topics of Discussion

Please insert your first name only beside the topic you wish to discuss and a brief one sentence overview of what you will share with the educators tomorrow. If you want to create a resource page (with a partner or alone), you may also create a wiki page off of it. Just remember to use your delicious links!

1. The Flat Classroom Project

  • What is it? - Joseph D.
  • How does it work? - Gracie
  • Is it something that needs to be done in more schools? - Sara Ann

2. The Trends that are Shaping the World Today

(select one of your choice you've learned this year in Flat Classroom or this course.)
    • Social Networking (Talk about the School Wide private Ning) - Sumner
    • Connecting the World Online - Coley
    • Visual Learning & Movie Making in addition to Essay Writing - Mitch B. (Tayler and Joseph may also weigh in.)
    • Technology & Going Green - How Web 2.0 can save the planet!? - Jamie
    • Creativity & Computing (Art & Logic Marry) - Hilliary

3. Opinions

We need to cover these, but you may also add opinions that you wish to share.

  • What is the importance of "intuitive" learning of new technology? Gillian F.
  • When do you wiki and when do you blog? Ning? Gillian
  • When you look at your peers, where do think today's education is falling short? - Sarah H.


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