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Blog Postings

  • Word 2007 and Excel 2007: This blog explains the differences and similarities of the two programs. I chose this blog because it is helpful to new users to the programs.
  • Phishing and Pharming: This blog is about the dangers on the online world dealing with phishing and pharming. I chose this blog because it teaches people the dangers and how to stay safe on the internet.
  • Online Worlds: This blog is about becoming immersed in an online world. I chose this blog because I think it relates to many teenagers today.
  • Writely and Wikispaces: This blog is about the differences and similarities between the two programs. I chose this blog because they both talk about collaboration, but there are differences in the ways they collaborate.
  • Intuitive Learning: This blog is about intuitive learning and how to use it dealing with computer software. I chose this blog because I think it is important to know what way you learn and how to use it to your advantage.

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How to Edit

This video is about editing on the new Microsoft Vista. It shows you how to edit by using find, replace, and select.

The Test

This video is about planning. The teacher, Mrs. Ophelia Payne, tells the students that they will have a test tomorrow. One student, Rose Bush, writes it down in her planner, and is prepared for the test. One the other hand, B.A. Ware is texting on her cell phone not paying attention to her teacher.

The following day Mrs. Payne tells the students to clear their desks, and B.A. is alarmed at this announcement. She exclaims that she had no idea about a test today. Mrs. Payne asks if she wrote it down, and she says no because it is pointless to write things down. As B.A. is taking the test she has no idea about any of the answers.

Two days later, Mrs. Payne has graded the tests. She congratulates Rose on her 100, while at the same time she is very disappointed in B.A. because she received a 39. B.A. realizes that this is her fault, and she will never make the mistake of not writing in her planner ever again.

Planning for the Future

3 jobs that interest me

  • Physical Therapist-Sports Medicine: I would want to be a physical therapist because I like to help people and I love sports.
  • Teacher: I would want to be a high school teacher because I like teaching people new things.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.: I would want to be a pharmaceutical sales rep. because you get to meet new people and it pays very well.

Colleges that interest me