Today, we will learn how to wiki. You will be assigned in two person groups to explain the following terms:


Group 1 - Random Access Memory p 12
Group 2 - Other Types of Memory p 12 - Cache memory, virtual memory, Read Only Member, Bios, boot process
Group 3 - Magnetic Storage Devices p 14
Group 4 - Optical Storage and Flash Memory p 14
Group 5 - Burning CD's and DVD's p 15
Group 6 - Data Communications p 16 - include the terms device driver; USB, Ethernet Port, and PC Card
Group 7 - Networks p 18 - Network Interface card, workstation, LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi
Group 8 - Security Threats p 20 - Everything!

In this assignment, you will explain these items in your own words, include and cite information from the Internet, and add photographs and videos to explain your topic.


Each Group should do the following -- you will receive two grades:

Technical Grade -- 100 points

_ Table of contents at the top -- see Mrs. Davis for instructions.(10 points)
_ You must use at least 2 heading 1, 2 heading 2 and 3 - Heading 3. (5 points each for a total of 30 points)
_ Use one numbered list. (10 points)
_ Use one bulleted list: (10 points)
_ Use an underline under each heading 1 (5 points each for a total of 10 points)
_ Use 4 hyperlinks (5 points each -- total of 20 points)
_ One photograph (5 points)
_ Embed one video (5 points)

Overall Wiki Grade

5 pts A collaborative effort (as seen in the history) IF IT IS A GROUP WIKI. – 5 points
Several participants have contributed. Wikis are collaborative. Each person brings their strengths and contributes things that they are good at to the project.
10 pts Visual appeal
Graphics are used as needed and add to the message. Graphics are not distracting and used where needed to further explain a topic. If does not look cluttered.
10 pts Organization
A table of contents is used, headings and underlines are used appropriately.
10 pts Hyperlinks to sources
An effective wiki hyperlinks sources and gives readers additional information about the topic. Because most people tend to not trust wikis (they don't know the authors), you must include a variety of hyperlinks to be considered an effective source of information. As people follow your hyperlinks, they will begin to look at the information you've linked to. They will learn that you are an authority and that you've "done your homework." Make sure that you have checked your hyperlinks and that they work.
_ 15 pts Original, intelligent wording
The effective wiki summarizes information but never copies it! (Cite your sources.) The wording is intelligent and meaningful and jargon is not used. Wikis may be read by a global audience and authors must keep that in mind.

_ 15 pts Spelling/Grammar Punctuation (-1 each up to max)

_ 35 pts Assignment criteria met.

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