Final Assessment
Computer Science – Portfolio
Due Date: May 11th
Wiki page to post your Web 2.0 Assessment

There will be five sections, the purpose of this is to give you a reference for college from your computer science curriculum.

1) Web 2.0

A) Write a Blog entry on What Web 2.0 is and what it means for your future. Print it and include it in your portfolio.
B) Web 2.0 Project Wiki– You will select a Web 2.0 website (sign up on Mrs. Davis’ list) and create a wiki as follows. You will print out the wiki to be included in your binder.)
You will create a wiki about your Web 2.0 website. It should not be too long. Here are the headings: Website, Website Description, Who is the target audience for this site, What does this site do, How does this site follow or not follow the 6 principles of effective web design, Suggested Improvements, Web Site Review (your opinion). Reference (hyperlinks) Bonus will be given for attractiveness. You must hyperlink to your sources of information and include at least 10 hyperlinks.
C) Additional Web 2.0 materials (You may print out up to 5 additional sources of information on Web 2.0)

2) Wiki and HTML Reference Information

A) Wiki Reference Sheets – Find or create a page that gives you a reference of the most commonly used wiki tricks.
B) Printout of wiki pages that you have created or worked on.
C) HTML Codes – Find or create a page that gives you a reference of the most common HTML Codes.
D) HTML Projects (2)
  • Include the code and the page.

3) Other Production

A) Copy of your ISP Presentation that you Invented (prefer it in color)
B) A printout of your blog entries (there should be at least 10)
C) Additional blog entries.
E) Printout of Semester 1 project. (Scenario 1) (Scenario 2)
F) Any other projects or items that you have created this year.

4) Personal Information

A) Resume (updated)
B) A listing of 3 colleges that you are interested in and their current average GPA’s and SAT’s and website address. (Go to their website to see that or check the book.)

5) Class Notes

Attach any class notes and tests that you’ve taken. If you don’t have them, you may copy others or print out wiki pages with reference material on them.