Technologies are converging to make new technologies. Cell phones, cd players, gaming consoles have all emerged to become smart phones, for example. Convergence will naturally continue into the future.

In this project you are asked to invent your vision of the future. Think of two or three things that will converge to make something new and how that new item will access the internet. Here is what you will do to complete this project:
  • Below, type your first name and the name of your new product - Link it to a new wikipage
  • Use the Convergence Emergence Wiki Template
  • Complete the template including a description of what is converging, what this new product it will do, and how it will access the Internet.
  • Create a video or animation commercial about this product using only photographs and still images - NO moving video. You should have a voiceover.
  • Prepare to pitch your idea to the class using your video as a support for how this will work.
  • Each student creates their own product.

Student Work

First name - Product