This is the course page for the Current Events/ Digital Filmmaking Elective Taught in 2009-2010


Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation: Political Reality in the Classroom

Stock Market Simulation

Stock Market Game:

Final Stock Market Summary Assignment:

  • Using Excel create a pie chart showing the stock information
  • Use a Formula to determine market value (Hint: Quantity times Last Market Price)
  • Include a pie chart showing what percentage each stock is of your portfolio. (Chart the stock symbol and Market Value, Hint: Use Ctrl to select nonadjacent cells and DO NOT highlight the text at the top of the column.)
  • Include a bar chart of your choice, showing gain or loss in the simulation. (Chart the symbol and Gain/Loss Hint: Use Ctrl again.)
  • You may include an optional chart for bonus that charts something meaningful from the numbers.
  • Include the print date at the bottom using a formula (Hint: Look at my formula sheet)
  • Print in color
  • Print the formulas. (Click the office button and go to Excel Options --> Advanced --> Formulas and check "Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results and then Print it again.)
  • Staple and Turn in by December 17, 2009.
  • My sample charts for you:

Digital Filmmaking