Radiology for Dummies

Daniel G

Project Overview

My Project

My Important Takeaways

  • I have learned that in order to become a Radiologist there are many different steps/requirements involved.
  • I have learned that it takes good memorization to be a good Radiologist, because they have to know all the bones of the body.
  • I have learned that Radiologist work long hours because there are not many M.D's in the Radiology field.

The biggest challenges

The biggest challenge was getting the links to websites that show the amount of money the people make in the different fields of Radiology. Mrs. Viki showed me how to get a hyperlink on the website.
Is getting photos of the X-Ray rooms and different images on the website. I had to make sure it was okay with the other website to let me use the image.

Project Plan

Insert a 2-3 sentence overview of the plan for your project.
Original Project plan: To create a website, with information on Radiology. Also, to have a website with terms that the common person can understand, instead using all the "doctor" talk.

Project Execution

I planned on getting facts, videos and pictures from a real Radiologist, that i know. I didn't however, because we couldn't get together due to our schedules. I spent my time doing research. I researched the salaries of the different professions in the Radiology field. I also researched the schools that have radiology programs, the different uses of the machines.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

pick something that you already know a lot about. also chose something you enjoy doing. DON'T WAIT TILL LAST MIN TO DO SOMETHING. Ask Mrs. Viki for help whenever you need so you wont be lost.radiology