Google DocDigiteen Island is our space on Reaction Grid to Teach Digital Citizenship! We're so excited!

Table of Contents

Action Teams

Please complete information on your team as follows:

Team Name: Terraforming & Building
Student(s) / Avatar Names: Type names here and avatar names.
Meeting Location: Where are you meeting?
Hyperlink to URL for your Planning Google Doc:
(note that you must publish for this to Work)

Team Name: Avatars
Student(s) / Avatar Names:Hope B.(HopaHauntest Radikal), Virginia V.(Camillav456 Radikal), Miller S.(Mill Radikal)
Meeting Location:Building our on area
Hyperlink to URL for your Planning Google Doc:

Team Name: Objects
Student(s) / Avatar Names: Nolan-Pedro Deez, Tanner-Chino Deez, Mason J- Jones Deez
Meeting Location: At the snowman
Hyperlink to URL for your Planning Google Doc:
Google Doc

Team Name: Activities
Student(s) / Avatar Names: Jordan- JJ Radikal, Sydnee-Sydo Radikal Mason W.- Yow Ming
Meeting Location: At the stone hedge.
Hyperlink to URL for your Planning Google Doc:

Assignment #1

1) We will review the things we've learned how to do in the last day.
Share anything new you've learned.
2) Terra Forming Group will present today.
Tuesday - Avatars
Wednesday - Objects
Thursday - Activities
3) Team Meetings
a) You must post your team information and a link to your Google planning page to our
wiki for this.
b) Meet with your team on Digiteen Island in your location.
Brainstorm about what you can do and make a list of actions.
4) A catalog of ideas:  Last 10 minutes of class
Each person will write their topic from the digiteen project in the
middle of the handout.
a) Label the items as follows:
Item #1 Building / Surroundings
Item #2 - Avatar
Item #3 - Objects
Item #4 Activities
b) In each box write ideas for how your digital citizenship topic can be taught
and the things that that item can do in Digiteen Island to help teach other students
about digital citizenship.
c) Complete this, share ideas with your group.
d) Write your name on the top, and turn them in.
Tomorrow bring your cell phone to class.