Things I Love to Do


Here is a video of some awesome WNBA basketball moments.


This is one of my favorite dances from the Royal Ballet The Nutcracker.
Arabian Dance.
external image dm_nutcracker_7278.sized.jpg


One of the best series I have ever read would have to be the Harry Potter series. If you are interested in a really good book series here is a summary of all the books.
external image harry-potter-series.jpg

Another series that I absolutely LOVE is the Percy Jackson series. Not only is it funny but it is an extremely interesting series and has a lot of Greek mythology in it.The cool part is that this series gives the Greek mythology a modern twist.
external image TheOlympiansBookCovers.png

Places I've Been

  • Paris, France

This is one of my favorite places to visit and here are a few pictures of Paris.
external image Eiffel-Tower-Paris-France.jpg
external image Arc-de-Triomphe-in-Paris-France-4320.jpg

  • Hong Kong

I've only been here once but it was a pretty fun trip. We got to ride the ferry across the harbor and go to the top of the Peak which is the tallest point in Hong Kong.
external image hongkong2.jpg
external image from-victoria-s-peak.jpg
  • London, England

I was only in the airport but technically that counts as being there so here is a picture of the London Heathrow airport.
external image Heathrow%20airport.jpg

  • Crested Butte, Colorado

This is my all time favorite place to ski, because not only is it a fun and quiet place to be but it is also very beautiful.
external image Crested-Butte.jpg
external image Crested%20Butte,%20Colorado.jpg

  • The Caribbean

I love going to the Caribbean and I really feel that I can relax and unwind while I am there.
external image 276421-56212-10.jpg
external image st-barth-luxury.jpg

Quotes and things I am studying

Here a some cool quotes that I was able to find from Brainy Quote.
Visit BrainyQuote for more Quotes
One of the things that we are studying right now is in science and here are some cards of those definitions.


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