Project Name

Project Manager: Elizabeth R
Hope for slaves
Destiny rescue

Project Overview

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My Project

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Hope for Slaves
facebook page

My Important Takeaways

  • I learned that trafficking is happening all over the world, even in America.
  • In Atlanta, Georgia 72 men pay for sex every year.
  • The youngest girls that are taken are from 2-6 years old.

The biggest challenges

The biggest challenge I had was coming up with information on human trafficking and Destiny Rescue with so little time.
I had to get right on the topic to help me find information, since i changed my freshman project. So the time to get mine done is a little rushed than it would have been if I would have started out with this in the first place.

Project Plan

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We planned to have a Jewelry party at westwood. We also thought we could tell other areas about Destiny Rescue,
and let them know what is going on around the world with human Trafficking. The project we chose is to spread the
word of how human trafficking can be stopped, and how we can help in a problem like this. Destiny Rescue information
has helped us find more information on how the system works. Our class has also made a website to help find more
information and facts on human slavery. You can help just like we can.

Project Execution

How did you plan to spend your time? How did you actually spend your time? What would you do differently next time.
Plan to spend our time coming up with logos, bracelets,and t shirts. We spent our time looking up information, and looking at different facts.
The facts helped us learn information on what different things needed to be done to let others know what is going on in the world. By finding all
this information it helped lead us to all these ideas. Me and Karly made a video with facts and what Destiny Rescue is. This will help others that don't understand what they are for.
We spent our time very well looking up information and getting help from others in our class. We have spent our time wisely when having little time to work.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

You need to look at websites that help support band of the human trafficking. You need to also have your project planned ahead of time, so you aren't behind
when it comes to the deadline. You made need help from others like me and Karly did, because the class helped us with our project since it was a class assignment.