Inventor: Elizabeth G.
Glass Products

Description of product

The MirrorMe converges the technology of a smartphone with online calenders, weather reports, a scanner, a mirror, a camera, and online clothing catalogs. With the MirrorMe you can keep up with all the latest trends and styles and then order those clothes from online clothing magazines. It will also send you notifications telling you what the weather will be like and what you events you have going on in your day so you can know exactly what to dress for. The MirrorMe even knows all of the clothes that you have in your closet and will let you make outfits with your clothes and accessories. Using this you can see what outfits will look like on you without having to try them on and you can even save your favorite outfits.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • Smartphone
  • Online Clothing Catalogs
  • Mirror
  • Weather Reports
  • Online Calendar
  • Scanner
  • Camera

Internet Access

This product accesses the Internet by accessing weather reports for the area and sending a notification to the owner and by letting you access online clothing stores and fashion magazines, allowing you to buy new clothes and keep up with the latest trends.


Do you already see this product emerging into the marketplace? If so, include photos and examples.
No, I do not see this product emerging yet.


Include credits for anyone who has assisted you in this project.
Actress: Hannah G.
Produced, Directed, and Edited by: Elizabeth G.
Voice over: Mrs. Vicki D.
Weather Sound Effects: Mike Koenig
Alarm Clock Sound Effect: UncleKornicob