Piano Album Project


Project Overview

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My Project

The album Anywhere was burned to multiple copies of CD's.


My Important Takeaways

  • I learned and perfected more than ten songs along with composing some of my own ideas and incorporating them into the music.
  • I learned how to use Garage Band to directly record the music with no interference or background noise.
  • In having to record the songs live, I have become more confident in playing live or in front of other people; and not only giving me more confidence performing under pressure, but for something I can look back to find some reassurance.

The biggest challenges

One of the first challenges was trying to figure how to best record the music with the best quality possible. With the help of West, we accomplished this by directly recording from the piano into Garage Band to provide a studio performance with no background noise. Another challenge I faced was the pressure of perfecting the recordings, as there are always mistakes made when playing, and it took time, practice, patience, and persistence to record the best possible with the fewest mistakes. In addition, I faced a challenge the entire year with having to dive deep into my imagination and creativity to find improvisations and my own compositions to create and incorporate into my work, and into each and every song. It was frustrating at times, and it took time to find the right notes, the right melodies, but everything came together in the end to make a beautiful piece.

Project Plan

First, I would need to find the best way to record with the best possible quality and test this method. Second, I would practice and learn new songs while also forming my own improvisations, additions, and changes to some of the songs, while composing a few of my own entirely. Lastly, I would have to record the music with the method found firstly. Original Project Plan:
Piano Project
Garrett, project manager
Description: I will publish an album of piano renditions, including covers of professional music and my own compositions.
Research Required: I will have to listen to many artists, albums, and songs to decide which songs I will want to cover or create renditions from the melodies. I will have to figure out the best way to record, and which program(s) I will use.
Technology Required:
  • Piano (if an electrical or digital one is used)
  • Recording devices (microphones, connecting cords, headphones etc.)
  • Computer (probably my Mac)
  • Garage Band in all probability
Due Dates: See trello.com for more information… The nature of the project does not allow any specific, firm dates, as when I am composing a song, the ending can come anytime. Also, songs I want to cover take time to learn to be able to play for a recording. Even when I do find a song, it will take time to eventually have it recorded. It is a complicated process, but it does not fail.
Mentor: My piano teacher, Mr. Steven. I began lessons with him a few weeks prior to Christmas of last year. Mr. Steven has been growing my knowledge of the piano, and he also helps me find the chords for songs I want to cover as well as composing my own songs, which we are in the process of composing my first one right now.
Estimated number of hours: I am constantly playing the piano, just improvising and composing any day I get a chance, as well practicing what Mr. Steven gives me. Learning a song itself takes a great deal of time, but depending on the difficulty and length of a given song, it can take weeks to master for a recording. Compositions, as explained before, can be composed in one hour, or an entire year. Sometimes, the song comes in complete right to your head; other times, it comes in parts and you are constantly modifying and changing the piece. Mastering the composition also takes time so it can recorded. My work for this project will most definitely exceed thirty hours if it hasn’t yet.

Project Execution

I would spend most of my time, on a daily basis, along with weekly lessons, practicing. Of course, at the end of the school year, I would have to dedicate one weekend to record all the songs, as each one would be as perfected as it could be by that time (the longer I waited, the better I could play it, while also allowing me more time to forge new improvisations or compositions to it). To this day, this is how it has been--always practicing, always creating, diving into the depths of creativity. If there was a next time, the only possible thing I could do, would be to learn more songs.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

My only advice is to practice as much as you can until you can almost feel the music, and you can just close your eyes, and let the music play. It is only when you begin to actually feel the music that you are able to call upon your imagination and creativity to forge improvisations and compositions, and add yourself, or rather, or soul to the piece--the music actually expresses a part of you.