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3 Word Processing Artifacts

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Appalachian Trail Essay
This was a research essay for my Writer's Workshop class. I was focusing on correct grammar and accurate facts as well as reader's appeal.

Microsoft Word

This Word document is a information insert/flyer that explains the qualifications of an In-House Training Applicant. For this I used proximity, complementing colors, and bulleted lists.

This Word document is a flyer for a new catering company. To make this eye catching, I used complementing fonts and font sizes, proximity, and emphasis by bolding word phrases.

2 Spreadsheet Artifacts

Microsoft Excel

This Excel 2007 document is an inventory list for a pet store. It consists of a table of products and each one's number, price, and value, and a bar graph of the product and the number that the store has. I used the built in table formatting and after I made the graph I added some of my own graphic design touches such as the glowing word and numbers and the beveled border.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Glover's Reef: Spring Break Travel
I created this budget spreadsheet of my imaginary spring break trip in Google Docs and Spreadsheets and then later transferred it to Microsoft Excel. There is also a graph for the hours that I was to spend at each activity. For this I used complimentary color scheme, proximity, and bolding.

Presentation Software Artifact

This is my favorite presentation because it is about yours truly!!! I created this presentation using Microsoft Power Point 2007. My slides were pre-formated with adjusted fonts and the font sizes, and an adjusted color scheme. I used concise lists, a toondoo, clip art, graphics, pictures, graphic formatting such as shadows, beveled edges, and 3D effects, and video clip art.

Blog Postings

Man On the Lunar Surface!

I did this blog on Neil Armstrong. I had done a research project on him for a class and I thought that he was so cool that I just had to blog about his amazing life.

The Right Stuff

This is the first entry where I was required to interview someone. The topic was on intuitive and experiencial learning versus classroom memorization.

(P.S. I did not interview my father because I thought he would be bias to my opinions on the matter. Actually, I was surprised that many of his views were similar to mine, on this topic.)

A Page for Representative Royal

I did this blog after my trip to Atlanta to be a page for Representative Royal in the House of Representatives. This was such a great and crazy experience, mainly because I worked on the last day of voting for Georgia's 2007 Budget.

Small Town Dancer

I wrote this blog when I was in the 8th grade, but it is about something that is very important in my life. The blog also goes along with quite a few things that I have learned in Computer Fundamentals (long term goals/planning) as a freshman.

Books, Books, Books!

This was a free blog (meaning that I wasn't assigned a topic). I blogged about books and reading because it is a big part of my life and I believe it should be a big part of everyone's life.

Wiki Artifacts

Word Processing

Lesson 1: Ex.4
Lesson 2: Ex.12
Lesson 3: Ex.16
Lesson 4: Ex.25

Skype in the Classroom

Time Management

IV: Long Range Goal Setting



Digital Storytelling

Carlton L. Bentley III: The Beginning

Carlton L. Bentley III is a nerd who wants to become an actor. His computer teacher is teaching on long term goals. He plans on finding how to set long term goals and how to achieve them. He plans his steps on how he is going to become an actor. This is his video diary where he tells his audience about his dreams and plans on becoming an actor.

Carlton L. Bentley III Meets New People

Carlton L. Bentley III has decided to push himself out of his comfort zone as one of his steps to his dream. He leaves the computer lab and makes himself meet new people. Rejection after rejection, he meets a new friend. He considers this an ultimate success.

Dr. Pepper: Movie Star Expert

In this movie we follow Carlton L. Bentley III as he begins to accomplish one of his intermediate steps that will help him to achieve his ultimate long term goal of becoming a movie star actor. He finds an acting movie on the internet and decides to give it a shot. With the skills that Carlton gets from Dr. Pepper in the movie he is able to move on to other intermediate goals.

Carlton's Metamorphosis

This movie is the summing up of all of Carlton L. Bentley’s achievements that he makes while planning his long term goals. It shows the before and after pictures of Carlton. He makes his “Thank You” speech to all of his helpers along his long journey of becoming the actor that he is today. Carlton has followed his strict intermediate steps to his goals and has achieved his dream of becoming an actor and is now in Hollywood making billions. He is now unrecognizable to his classmates and fans love him.

Planning for the Future


Recreational Therapist
I am interested in being a recreational therapist of some sort because it is a job where I can take advantage of my natural talents (leadership, empathy and understanding, and being an all around people person) and do what I enjoy most ( being helpful in any way and doing recreational activities like sports and exercise).
Rehabilitation Therapist
I am very interested in this type of therapy because of the unique patient oppurtunities. With the type of education that I would need for this job, I would like to focus on brain and spinal injuries.
Developmental Editor
I would like to be a collaborative editor of some kind because I would be able to see up and coming literature, and use my grammar and leadership skills.

Cover Letter


Oglethorpe University: Atlanta, GA
Mercer University: Macon, GA
Flagler College: St. Augustine, FL

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Font Sheet

Christmas Card

Business/Organization Project