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Digital Artifacts

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Two Spreadsheet Artifacts

Presentation Software Artifact

Blog Postings

Life changing decision?
This blog is about You Tube. The blog shows how You Tube is helpful and amazing but it can also be dangerous. Just a few mistakes you might make can lead to a problem.

This blog is about a child who gets on their parents computer and accidentally buys a pink convertible. The blog contains safe tips on how you can keep mistakes like that from happening.

Same worlds or not?
This blog shows how the online world and real world are alike and different.

Writely or WIki?
This blog tells you how Writely and Wiki are alike and different. It also gives my personal opinion on which one is better.

Microsoft v.s. Writely
The blog discusses the ways Microsoft and Writely are alike and different. I explained what I thought was the better program to use.

Wiki Artifacts

Word Processing-Ex. 6

Word Processing-Ex. 9

Word Processing-Ex. 17

Time management-Daily planner

Spreadsheets-Ex. 1

Digital Storytelling Artifacts

Using The Status Bar - This is a short movie that explains how to use the items on the status bar in the new Microsoft Word.

Why Planning Is Important - This brief movie teaches you how keeping things in a planner can be helpful. Forgetting to write something down leads to a major accident in this movie.

Planning for the Future

Jobs that Interest Me

I think being an orthodontist will be an interesting job and enjoyable.

Business Administrator
I would like to run a business.

I think dealing with x-rays and such will be fun and interesting.

Three Colleges that Interest Me

Georgia Southern

University of Tennessee

Valdosta State Universtiy