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Long Range Goals

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Carlton L. Bentley III

  • Carlton L. Bentley III is a nerd who wants to become an actor. His computer teacher is teaching on long term goals. He plans on finding how to set long term goals and how to achieve them. He plans his steps on how he is going to become an actor. This is his video diary where he tells his audience about his dreams and plans on becoming an actor.


  • how to make a template in the new Microsoft Word 2007


  • how to create a new blank worksheet on Word 2007

Quick Access Tool bar

  • how to use the quick access tool bar on Word 2007/Computer Country video


The Unsinkable Molly Brown

  • We made a power point presentation of someone that stood up for what they believed in no matter what. I picked Molly Brown for the ship Titanic.


  • This was written for my composition class. I expressed my feelings on true friendship in this paper.

Myspace Music

  • Should Myspace have the authority to delete a profile if it has copyrighted music on it?

Making Movie Tips

  • To help others that are new to making movies I listed some tips when making a movie.

Computer Country Video

  • We made videos explaining how to use the Microsoft Word 2007. This was my first "Computer Country" video.

Word Processing Artifacts

Party Poster

  • We made a poster for a party that we were pretending to have.

Business Letter

  • This is one of the many business letters that we had to write. I got to make up my own company for photography.

Top Grossing Movies

  • We were learning how to use tables.

Spreadsheet Artifacts

Spring Break

  • We got to plan our own spring break trip and we had $5,000 to spend. We made an interactive map with it.

Ex. 6

  • This was a critical thinking lesson where we had no directions and had to make a table for a restaurant.

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Visual Communications

  • Visual communications can be anything from graphic design to advertising. Graphic design is creative and you can let your imagination let loose.


  • Photography is so important to me because I know that God has made all of this beauty and I want to help other people realize how amazing His work is.

Web Design/Graphic Design

  • Web and graphic design is creative. You can express yourself through it.


Savannah College of Art and Design

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography

Art Institute of Atlanta